Sunday, 10 September 2017

Flight explanation

How do birds and planes fly???
Have you ever thought to yourself and wondered how do planes and birds fly.

Lift can hold a plane or a bird in the air, it is  created by the wings. Lift pulls a plane into the sky. Lift acts against weight.

Weight is a force of gravity. Weight can keep planes or birds down on the ground. If weight did not exist falling would not exist.

Thrust can pull a plane or a bird forward. Thrust can overcome drag.

Drag is sometimes could air resistance. Drag can work against thrust and will slow the plane down.

This is how a plane or birds flies:
For a plane or bird to fly there needs to be unbalanced forces. Thrust and lift need to be stronger than weight and drag to get off the ground and fly away. For a plane to land weight and drag  need to be stronger than lift and thrust. A plane or a bird needs an unbalanced force to change speed or direction. The greater the mass of a plane or a bird the greater the force needed to move it.

Overall planes and birds have to have the four forces thrust, drag, lift and weight to fly.  Us humans can’t fly because we don't have wings and propellers to hold our weight up in the air.

I wonder if sometime in life they will make a human suit that can make us fly for a long time in the air.

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