Sunday, 13 November 2016

Imaginary story

Solo the sausage dog has hair like no other dog, it is brown and curly, it is not that long. He is 2 foot long and 30 centimetre wide. He  likes to chill outside on the grass when it's sunny. He always has a smile on his face like a dog  getting fed. He has dull brown hair but bright blue eyes. 

Solo’s habits are eating food and singing the sausage song. Solo’s place where he hangs out is his kennel, it's quite big so he can fit in it. His special talent is stretching. The person he hangs out with is Johnny.

Solo’s typical phrase is woof woof woof because he’s a dog. He talks so loud and fast to other people, that people can hardly understand him because, it just sounds like blah, blah, blah.

Solo’s friend Johnny the sausage dog loves to hang out with Solo. He loves to do the same things that Solo loves to do. One of the things that they love to do is eating food. 

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