Sunday, 11 September 2016


Do you think people are becoming lazy by using technology?  Learning nothing because they are playing video games? Picture this …. It is a beautiful day, sun shining, someone is on a screen inside, sitting on their lazy bum. 

Segway is a board with two wheels, two pressure plates, and it moves when your body moves.  It doesn’t go faster than walking. Imagine if you are walking along and a person comes slowly by on a Segway and you are moving around the same pace. So what's the point of Segways if they don't go faster than walking? How's that for lazy.
TV is another example of technology that encourages laziness. Picture this... it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and someone is inside, lounging around on the couch watching tv, doing nothing. That person could be outside playing sport like football, rugby, cricket but instead they choose to be inside doing nothing. How's that for lazy.

iPads is a third example of technology that encourages laziness because people are spending many hours on them. My brother spends about 6 hours on his iPad each day watching stupid minecraft videos on YouTube. He hardly ever goes outside, he's learning nothing, just watching minecraft and getting a lot better at it. How's that for lazy.

Technology like iPads, computers, Segways, TVs, X-box are encouraging people to spend way too long inside, sitting on their lazy bums even when it's a beautiful day outside. 

Every day you should be have daily dose of vitamin D by being out in the sunlight, it makes your mood happier. Be active - follow the mental health foundations advice by having fun outside to move your mood. I’m off to play a game of cricket.



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  1. You made a great strong comment and had great reasons why technology makes you lasy and not fit .