Monday, 25 July 2016

Stereotyping is to believe, think groups of people are the same even when they are not.

One example of stereotyping is ‘Boys have short hair.’ I disagree because I’ve seen boys with long hair. Boys can have long hair if they want because it is their choice.

A second example is ‘Girls braid their hair. I agree because last year at school when it was time to come to the mat girls would braid each others hair. I disagree because boys can also braid their hair if it is long enough and some girls don’t braid their hair a

A final example is ‘Girls don't want to play football.’ A lot of girls play football and they are good at it. At our age there are not a lot of girls that play football.

Stereotyping can be mean in some ways and hurt in some ways too. It is not true and people might not like it. It is calling a group of people that look the same the same when they are not.  

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