Sunday, 1 May 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I created a soundscape on garageband to go with my poetic memoir I wrote. The soundscape helps to show the emotions I feel in that place, doing things with my special people.

My learning is at relational because I can create a piece of music to fit in with my poetic memoir and show the emotions that I feel and hear in that place. My dynamics are loud because my place is a camping ground. My pitch is high because there is lots of people laughing. My tempo is quite slow because it was a relaxing time.

My next step is to go and create a soundscape on garageband to go with a picture.

This is my soundscape:


  1. Larson, you worked really hard on your sound scape, the sounds you made were fantastic.

  2. It seems like you learnt a lot and showed that in a great way .