Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The story behind my name

Hi my name is Larson. I am going to share the story about my name.

My name was picked by my Mum and Dad. My name Larson was decided because my mum went to Norway for a year.  My Mum’s host brother was called Lars so she called me after  Lars.  My name is special to my parents because it's  Norwegian. 

If I was a girl my name would have been called Lara. The nickname that my family calls me is Gannet because I like to eat from my brothers’ plates.  I like my name because no one else has my name. 

I learnt something new about my name doing this research, I learnt that Larson is a Scandinavian name


  1. Your name has very special meaning to me Larson and I know Lars in Norway is super proud that you are named after him!

  2. My mum and dad picked my name to