Sunday, 29 October 2017

Arts reflection

This term we have been learning about dance and drama. My learning is at the relational level.   It is relational because I can create a drama/dance that connects with the audience. I put lots of effort into my drama and connected it to the heart of Waimairi. In our play we used some of the elements of drama. The elements we used were characters which is the different roles in the play, acts and scenes which is smaller parts of the play, playwright which is who wrote the play.

My next step is when I perform I need to speak a bit louder and more fluent because I was like a robot.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dicovery reflection

This term I have discovered that I am good at trying new sports like netball and hammering in nails.  My major project has been making a basketball hoop for the juniors. We have been planning for a long time and it will be an on-going project into term four.

While doing this I have learnt that I am very good at working with other people, being organised, planning ahead, and not giving up when things get hard.

I have been challenged by nailing nails into hardwood and not giving up when it gets hard. I have overcome these challenges by not giving up, which means I don’t get grumpy, I stay calm and positive and hammer harder.

In term 4 I look forward finishing our basketball hoop for the juniors.  I need to continue to focus on working well with others.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Halswell Quarry

This is a photo at Halswell Quarry of most of the rocks. The rock that is orangey red is called basalt and it is a type of rock. The Halswell stone is the flat rock at the bottom of the photo and it is a type of rock. They used it to build the Christchurch Museum and to build the Art Gallery.
Facts about Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula started as two volcanos and they were called Lyttelton volcano and the Akaroa volcano.   They exploded, then the rocks came out of the volcano and formed into the steep mountains and the rocky ridges of
Banks Peninsula.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Adventures in the great outdoors

Some memories get my adrenaline flowing, making me feel shaky and nervous, making my lips and mouth feel dry like the desert. Do you have memories that make you feel the same?

This first memory made my heart thump really fast.So it all started off as long drive to Porters Ski Field. We’re here, we made it past the twisty turns in the road that were covered in snow so it was really slippery.

I got into my ski gear.  I walked over to the chair lift and got my skis on and had a warm up run down from the chair. We went on all 3 t-bars and did an easy run for the start and then did a black diamond run which means it is really hard. It was called Big Mama. It took us a long time because my big brother  got stuck in the snow. He’d done the splits so it took us about 1 hour to complete the run.

That childhood memory was little bit scary but this one was exciting.

We went fishing for blue cod off a point when l was five years old. So I put my line down to the bottom of the sea and waited. (Five minutes later).

Daddy! Daddy! I got a big fish on! Daddy came over and helped me pull up the big fish. We measured it and it was 40 centimetres long.

That memory was exciting but this one was funny and scary.

When I was 5 years old and on holiday in the sounds, my brother and I were playing on our ski biscuit in a bay. My little brother saw a large fish swimming beneath us and yelled out shark! Tram and I started screaming ahhhhhhhh!! But it wasn't a shark it was a massive kingfish.  It took us a long time to go back in the water that day.

Now you know why I had adrenaline flowing, why I was nervous and why my lips were dry like a desert. These memories will stay with me forever.

Flight explanation

How do birds and planes fly???
Have you ever thought to yourself and wondered how do planes and birds fly.

Lift can hold a plane or a bird in the air, it is  created by the wings. Lift pulls a plane into the sky. Lift acts against weight.

Weight is a force of gravity. Weight can keep planes or birds down on the ground. If weight did not exist falling would not exist.

Thrust can pull a plane or a bird forward. Thrust can overcome drag.

Drag is sometimes could air resistance. Drag can work against thrust and will slow the plane down.

This is how a plane or birds flies:
For a plane or bird to fly there needs to be unbalanced forces. Thrust and lift need to be stronger than weight and drag to get off the ground and fly away. For a plane to land weight and drag  need to be stronger than lift and thrust. A plane or a bird needs an unbalanced force to change speed or direction. The greater the mass of a plane or a bird the greater the force needed to move it.

Overall planes and birds have to have the four forces thrust, drag, lift and weight to fly.  Us humans can’t fly because we don't have wings and propellers to hold our weight up in the air.

I wonder if sometime in life they will make a human suit that can make us fly for a long time in the air.

Crab hunting

One of our planned activities at camp was
walking  to the beach. Room 11 started to stroll to the beach. One kilometre later we reached our destination.

The class and the camp parents set off to hunt for crabs. Our group and the camp parents were looking under lots of rocks trying to find crabs. We were yelling very loud “I found a  small fish!” All I could think was “I can't believe I found a small fish.” We were looking for a long time.

Then we strolled over to the sandy part of the beach to start our next activity.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Imaginary story

Solo the sausage dog has hair like no other dog, it is brown and curly, it is not that long. He is 2 foot long and 30 centimetre wide. He  likes to chill outside on the grass when it's sunny. He always has a smile on his face like a dog  getting fed. He has dull brown hair but bright blue eyes. 

Solo’s habits are eating food and singing the sausage song. Solo’s place where he hangs out is his kennel, it's quite big so he can fit in it. His special talent is stretching. The person he hangs out with is Johnny.

Solo’s typical phrase is woof woof woof because he’s a dog. He talks so loud and fast to other people, that people can hardly understand him because, it just sounds like blah, blah, blah.

Solo’s friend Johnny the sausage dog loves to hang out with Solo. He loves to do the same things that Solo loves to do. One of the things that they love to do is eating food.